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This game is a space shooter in which you control an UFO, that is pretty much lost in space. It is a VR project (obviously ^^). Our intention was to make people fly. In order to achieve that goal, we built a board of wood, pretty much a seesaw, where you can wiggle on one axis. Below the board, we have installed an Arduino-Uno and a gyro-sensor which sends data via serial-port to Unity.

The gameplay consists of avoiding and shooting asteroids, while you're wiggling on the board. 

It was developed by four people for a course at university. 

All of us are attending "Media Systems", a computer sciences related study course, at HAW Hamburg. It is the first "real game" for us (besides some smaller projects/finger exercises) so we wanted to gather some feedback on this platform!

Feel free to share and tell us what you think.

Thanks a lot!

P.S.: I haven't uploaded any packages yet, since you'll need our self-built hardware (the board) in order to "properly" play it - however if there is the demand I will sure provide you guys with an upload! :)

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