Finally! After 72 hours we did it! Our first Ludum Dare is over and we are more than happy to present our game: 404: Space not found. Finishing with lots of bug fixes during the last hours we were a little worried of not doing it in time, but here we are, finished (for now)! To sum it up, we had an awesome jam, learned a lot and will definitely join the next LD. 

You are in space. As an interstellar delivery boy/girl, you gain control about a fleet of spaceships. During your normal working day you transport all kinds of goods to various planets and space-bases. As time passes traffic picks up and you start to run out of space... Watch out for your competitors, even if you don`t like them. Plan your routes carefully. Otherwise you might crash!


LMB is the only control needed!

Shoutouts to "Vault Kid", for the great sound design:

Install instructions

Play the WebGL-Version, or just download and unzip the archive folder and execute the unity application :)


404SpaceNotFound_V1.0.rar 19 MB

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